We help you achieve the fastest success with the shortest time to deliver a different experience to your customers


We offer end-to-end solutions from assessing, designing, building, managing and nurturing an optimum XM strategy/program for your organization.

  • Maturity assessments of organization (Customer, Employee) 180°, 360°
  • Develop listening to Customer program (Voice of Customer), listening to Employee (Voice of Employee)
  • Develop Experience Management (XM) program/system
  • Other advisory services: Design Thinking Coaching, Training & Developing Customer-centric Culture…


DXCON implements and builds XM management system that suite your organization, regardless your scale and characteristics.

  • Experience Management platform implementation
  • Deploy & manage customer/employee/market listening campaign
  • Data integrations – standard or custom
  • Support and training to operate the Experience Management platform


We coach and train your team how to plan, manage and utilize the advantages of XM solutions/programs. We are your companion all the way to success and after.

  • Optimize new and enhanced Customer Experience Management (CX) programs
  • Survey design and validation
  • Building new CX metrics, KPIs, and CX & XM Program Goals
  • Qualitative research, conducting in-depth interviews to discover INSIGHT, serving to build Customer Portraits, understanding customer needs, motivations,…
  • Training and companion to apply design thinking (Design-Thinking) to create breakthrough ideas for new products, new experiences, develop customer-centric organizational culture
  • Improve and expand Experience Management scale through Employee Experience (EX), Brand (BX), Product (PX) solutions


We have a very knowledgeable and professional team to ensure the best additional services to your needs.

  • Gamification service
  • Segmentation based on big data (Big Data)
  • Build predictive models
  • Building and providing panels for market survey & branding based on 03 telecommunications networks (Mobifone, Vinaphone, Viettel)


  • Relationship survey
  • Post-purchase survey
  • Post-support survey
  • Digital/website feedback (intercepts)
  • Other interaction-based survey(s)
  • User Experience research (UX testing, usability)
  • Website/Mobile Experience Optimization
  • In-product Feedback
  • CX Feedback from Employees
  • Online reputation management (social listening)
  • Customer lifetime value studies
  • CX competitive benchmarking
  • Ad hoc market research


  • Employee Engagement annual survey
  • Employee Pulse surveys
  • Candidate Experience survey
  • Exit interviews
  • Onboarding/New Hire survey
  • Training Feedback survey
  • Other employee lifecycle survey(s)
  • Online reputation management (social listening)
  • Benefits Optimization
  • Feedback on tools and technology
  • Ad hoc employee research


  • In-product Feedback
  • Feature prioritization study
  • Pricing study
  • Product concept testing
  • User Experience research (UX testing, usability)
  • Launch Feedback
  • Online reputation management (social listening)
  • Market Trends study


  • Brand Awareness testing
  • Brand Perception survey
  • Brand Loyalty tracking
  • Attitude and Usage Studies
  • Creative / Ad testing
  • Market segmentation (demographic, psychographic, etc.)
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Online reputation management (social listening)

To establish a sustainable foundation for long-term Experience Management success, organizations must mature and diffuse their XM capabilities in tandem. The path for XM Expansion is made up of four phases

Phase 1. Isolated Experiences: Maturity Assessment + CX basic + EX basic

  • Service package:

CX surveys (NPS relationship, post-transaction, etc)

EX surveys (Employee Engagement, pulse survey, etc)

Maturity Assessment.

  • Optional:

Coaching CX culture introduction


XM platform implementation.

Phase 2. Expanded Experiences: Full CX + XM system implementation + EX Lifecycle

  • Service package:

CX-market and social research (social-connect)/ XM FOR CUSTOMER FRONTLINES (Digital, Care, Locations)

XM platform implementation (TextiQ và PredictiQ implementation)

Maturity Assessment at larger scale.

  • Optional:

CX culture coaching, Design Thinking Coaching

Phase 3. Adjacent Experiences: (Full EX) + BX + PX + Cross XM Implementaion

  • Service Package:

Full EX à XM for People Teams (People Engage, People Lifecycle, People Analytics)

CrossXM (EX+CX, BX+CX…), Strategic Brand Advisory (BX, Strategic Brand solutions…)

Design thinking coaching + DesignXM + Strategic UX

Phase 4: Extended Experiences: (EX + EX + BX + PX) + Full CrossXM Implementaion

  • Service:

Advise and Implement service to extend XM to your organization Branches & Agencies