Consultant Transforming to a mature organization with excellent “Experience Management” Ability.

Why CX?

mplementation Methodology

Interview Quantitative Qualitative
1 week 2-3 week 2-4 week
Why Discover what you already know about your customers, products, services, and key expectations Drilldown the Behaviors, Habits, Pains, Needs, Expectations of Customers e/Products and services of the Brand Further validate the hypotheses raised from the Qualitative, or measure the current state of experience/feedback from Customer
What Desk research and interviews with relevant internal departments A series of in-depth customer interviews with a scale of 10 -30 samples Survey is performed with a scale of 100 – 400 samples
Output Understanding the situation and the Questionnaire was developed for research at the following stages Customer Insight reports, Hypotheses, & Improvement Opportunities Customer Insight Report & Improvement Recommendations